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1 Year Warranty Inspection


    Your one year builder's warranty will expire usually within the first year after the closing date. The one year warranty expiration marks your final opportunity to identify, document, and inform your builder of items that need repair(s) or adjustment(s). The list of repairs should be professionally documented (written report with digital photos) before you sign off on your builder and they're relieved of their contractionary responsibilities regarding the one year warranty. 


   Being a former custom home builder for 20 years, I have that "real-life" knowedge that gives my company an advantage over other inspection companies that just scan over the obvious issues and may scare you unnecessarily.   I will provide you with the documentation that the "correct" materials were used that were SPECIFIED on the original drawings and their performances including all the mechanical inspections, i.e., HVAC, electrical, plumbing, appliances, interiors and exterior observations. 


   The same areas I would inspect at a standard inspection will be thoroughly inspected with the same integrity.  Don't let time run out on the anniversary of the closing on your home (your biggest investment) pass by!  Give my company a call, and we consult you over the phone and can set up an appointment to inspect your home at your convenience.  The reports, i.e., summary and full report with digital photos will be emailed to your with 48hrs. in a PDF format. With this information you will be armed and educated to discuss any probems I find with your builder that are covered within the 1 year warranty program,  Give us at All Through the House a call today at 732-531-5958 in North or Central NJ, 609-286-2222 in Central, NJ and 856-777-5080 in South, NJ.  





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